The Two Weeks Leading up to Winter Break: A Survival Story

Kat Sokirka, Columnist

The Two Weeks Leading up to Winter Break: A Survival Story

Like most students, I was beyond excited to go home over Thanksgiving break. There’s great food, your own bed, family, friends, and most importantly—no class. I did not, however, realize how awful the next two weeks of classes would be. I’m not sure whether I just suppressed the memory of last year’s two-week Hell or if I underestimated how bad the two weeks leading up to winter break truly are.

I realize that everyone on campus right now is thinking the same thing, so I decided to put our universal thoughts onto paper and create a list of 30 things you think during the two weeks leading up to winter break:

  1. I seriously hate school.
  2. Why am I even in college?
  3. Imagine the money I could have saved.
  4. What’s on the final?
  5. I have no idea what this review sheet even means.
  6. I’m so screwed.
  7. Maybe if I stay in between the white lines long enough, a car will have to hit me, I’ll get free tuition, and I bet my professors will feel so bad for me they’ll give me an A.
  8. I’m out of Dining Dollars.
  9. Eating in the caf today, #18cafswipes.
  10. How many cups of coffee have I had today?
  11. What time does the library close?
  12. I need a drink.
  13. What’s that new Justin Bieber song?
  14. Am I a Belieber if I like his recent album? … Ok, thank god.
  15. Hopefully I have enough clothes to last without doing wash.
  16. I hate everything.
  17. I have so much work to do, but Netflix.
  18. Why is it so cold?
  19. Is Domino’s still open?
  20. I should really go to the gym.
  21. Is it bad that I haven’t started studying yet?
  22. I hate group projects.
  23. Think the professor will notice if the margins are bigger than one inch?
  24. The library is going to be packed right now, I hate people.
  25. How is that on the final? We didn’t even learn that.
  26. I’ll get a 100 in class participation … right?
  27. I’m asking Santa for passing grades this year.
  28. How low is a low GPA?
  29. A for effort?
  30. Just hand it in, I don’t give a s%@! anymore.
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