Sorority girl decapitated after sticking head out window for recruitment video

Madeline Diamond, Senior Editor

In a tragic turn of events during sorority recruitment, the University is mourning the loss of Jenny Acwest ’18. While participating in the filming of Gamma Delta Iota’s recruitment video, Acwest was gravely injured.

After sticking her head out of the sunroof of a white Jeep Wrangler with New Jersey license plates on Sixth Street, Acwest was struck by the St. George bridge while holding floral print wooden letters spelling out GDI. Her sisters say she died doing what she loved: representing the group identity she has taken on since joining a Greek organization.

Within minutes, both Public Safety and the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department arrived on the scene and were forced to push through a crowd of hysterical sorority girls who had encircled the accident.

Acwest’s sorority sister, Kate Coleman ’17, who was driving while filming with a GoPro, was taken into custody for reckless driving.

“Our recruitment video was gonna look so cool. We were hoping to go viral this year,” Ashley Weis ’17 said. “We were so excited for PNMs to get to know our chapter, and then this happened.”

Weis went on to say that Gamma Delta Iota will continue production of this year’s video, although they will be sure to pay tribute to their fallen sister.

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