The List: Things that take longer than Brock Turner’s jail sentence

Madeline Diamond and Courtney Wren

1. The mailroom line during syllabus week

2. Working with the Office of Global & Off-campus Education

3. Connecting to SafeConnect

4. Opening your campus mailbox

5. Finding an empty treadmill at the gym

6. Walking from the South Campus Apartments to downtown

7. The stoplight on Route 15 between campus and the mods

8. Finding something nutritious in Bostwick Marketplace

9. Finding a book in Bertrand Library

10. The Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru line on Sunday mornings

11. Trying to find a parking spot in the Academic West lot

12. Waiting for an open laundry machine on Sunday afternoons

13. A hangover

14. Creating a lackluster LinkedIn profile

15. Waiting for Godot

16. Waiting for Donald Trump to drop out of the race

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