Overachieving triple-major student skips first class, feels incredible rush

Hannah Paton, Contributing Writer

Last week, Katie Rainey2 ’18, triple major in puppetry, bowling management, and hot dog eating, skipped the first class of her college career. At 11:03 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 12, Rainey2 reeled with excitement as she sat in the Bison, purposefully missing a lecture in her accounting & financial management class.

“As a triple major, I take my work very seriously. I’ve always heard of people skipping class, or showing up 15 minutes late or even just being ‘on-time’ instead of early. I was so curious. I wanted to see how the other half lives,” Rainey2 said.

It appears that Rainey2’s nonattendance will go without academic penalty. When questioned about Rainey2’s absence in her 55 person, no-attendance-taken lecture class, her professor simply gave a blank stare. However, that will not keep Rainey2 from understanding the gravity of her academic choices.

“It was such a rush–I’ve seriously never felt so alive. But now all I can think about is the .000001 percent effect this will have on my overall grade,” Rainey2 said.

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