Downtown café closes; students chain themselves to building in protest

Courtney Wren, Satire Editor

On Sept. 12, Vedder Sojka, the owner of popular downtown café Salami, announced that he will close the café. Sojka was forced to close his café due to high property taxes. The news is swift and its effects are immediate; the business plans to close by Saturday.

Upon hearing this news, many students were seen crying as they waited in the egregiously long line for one of the last times.

“I didn’t even mind that it took 30 minutes to get to the front of the line,” Sarah Smith ’19 said, “Everyone wanted to come buy something to pay their respects, ya know? A last hurrah, if you will.”

Some students reacted to the news in other ways—a group of young women decided to chain themselves to the building in hopes of stopping its impending close.

“We’ve been out here for about 17 hours now,” Janice Coleman ’17, one of the protestors, said.

When asked how long they were planning to stay, Coleman said, “As long as it takes. I’m out here sitting with my best friends, drinking iced chais and eating breakfast wraps. I could stay here forever as long as Salami is here.”

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