Professor wishes that one student would just shut up and stop participating

Carolyn Hickey, Contributing Writer

A University professor, who prefers to remain anonymous, reports that she would like that one student in her class who answers every question to just stop.

“Every time I ask a question, his hand shoots up, and as soon as he puts his hand up, everyone else puts his or hers down. It totally stunts class discussion,” she said. “No one else even bothers to do the readings because everyone knows he is going to be the only person talking.”

Joe Bison, a self described over-participator, claims to not realize it annoys other people.

“Honestly, I just like to hear myself talk,” Bison said. “It’s not that I don’t want other people to participate, I just really think that my ideas are the best, and they deserve to be heard.”

The anonymous professor is making a plea to all those who think they are dominating the conversation to stop speaking in general.

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