RA holds meeting to warn students about venemous paralyzing spiders, gets bitten mid-meeting


Madeline Diamond, Senior Editor

After news of last week’s paralytic spider infestation in several dorms, Residential Advisors (RAs) across campus held hall meetings to address the situation. Since several students have been bitten and required treatment at the local hospital, RAs felt the need to prepare their residents for possible attacks.

During one meeting, Peter Parker ’19 was demonstrating the proper safety precautions for dealing with the spiders when he was suddenly bitten himself.

Luckily for Parker, the spider was not fully grown, so its paralytic abilities were significantly lessened. He still lost mobility of his right toes for nearly 15 minutes.

“It was really scary for a minute there,” Parker said. “I was just showing my residents what to do if they see one of these spiders, when, out of nowhere, one of the little devils came up and bit my toe.”

Parker’s bite was so small that he did not require medical treatment, although he told his residents to think of the incident as a learning experience.

“I’m glad Kyle is OK,” one of Parker’s residents, Charlotte Web ’20, said.

“I called my parents after the incident and they said that they’ll ‘take care of it,’ so whatever that means, I’m hoping the spider problem will be resolved soon,” she said.

It is currently unclear what action Web’s parents took, although no spiders have been seen on campus since Parker’s injury.

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