Students demand justice for Bertrand’s inadequate staplers


Olivia Lawlor, Contributing Writer

While several issues need to be addressed regarding Bertrand Library, the most egregious atrocity is the lack of functioning staplers. Just ask any student standing in line for the printers at 7:50 a.m.

After students finally receive their printed assignments, they carry the false hope that they can make it to class on time. As they walk to the Tech Desk waving their warm papers in the air like trophies, the glow of sweet victory disappears when they find there are no staplers. They are forced to walk to the entrance, where another line forms around a single stapler. They wait as the stapler is pounded over and over again until it hardly functions.

“For $60,000 a year, we should have more than one stapler. And this one is broken,” Jessica Rainey-One ’20 said.

The first step to finding a solution is admitting that Bertrand has a problem. While it might be a tough sell to ask the University to add printers or build a rear exit, adding more staplers is an issue worth addressing.

“Raising money to purchase more staplers would be a good start,” according to Jackie Smith ’18.

She continued, “There could be a campus 5K. ‘Sprinting 4 Staplers: A Fun Run to End the Stapler Crisis.’ Winner gets a fully loaded stapler.”

Smith argues that with a $10 entrance fee, and 100 participants, there would be enough money to buy at least 100 staplers. “There would never be a loose leaf again,” she said.

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