Students forced to hide political paraphernalia during Family Weekend

Courtney Wren, Satire Editor

Sept. 23-25 marks the University’s annual Family Weekend, during which parents come to visit and judge their college-aged children’s habits. Some students are reportedly trying to avoid their parents’ judgment by hiding any political paraphernalia and suggesting that their roommates tone down their political expression as well.

Martin Marts-Hall ’19 told our reporters that he gently suggested his roommate, Kenny Kress ’19, take down the Donald Trump posters adorning his walls before Marts-Hall’s liberal parents come. Marts-Hall himself didn’t care.

“I honestly just didn’t want to explain to my parents that my roommate thinks Trump is the best choice for this country,” Marts-Hall said. “My parents keep mailing me ‘Hillary for America’ signs and I know they’d be crushed to know that not only am I not hanging them, but that instead the walls of our room look like Trump headquarters.

Kress could not be reached for comment.

This Family Weekend political turmoil is affecting liberal students as well.

Callie Cooley ’18 was raised in a conservative household but realized her true liberal ideals after taking a sociology class as a first-year. Since her political awakening, Cooley has proudly affixed “Feel the Bern” posters and stickers all over her single in Kress Hall. Cooley was reportedly disheartened upon realizing that she will have to take them down before her parents arrive and start questioning her professors’ liberal leanings.

“I feel as though I’m betraying my fellow Democrats by not standing up for my beliefs, but honestly, it will just be easier not to tell my parents since they still pay for all of my stuff,” Cooley said. “I don’t have time for a fight, especially since they just bought me a new car.”

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