Sorority holds mixer in Hunt Hall, fraternities revolt at threat to masculinity

Maggie Carlson, Contributing Writer

HUNT HALL—In a bold effort to combat the unequal power dynamic between male and female Greek organizations on campus, sorority Beta Rho Alpha (BRA) registered its Hunt Hall suite to host a social gathering for Saturday, Oct. 1. In the past, only fraternity houses have been permitted to register their houses on and off campus for social events.

“After being bombarded for the past year from this one outspoken student majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies, we felt like this was a small step we could take in allowing the girls on campus to think they have similar power to their male counterparts,” a  member of BRA.

Risk Manager of BRA, Glenda Gateway-Vittinghoff, is supportive of this weekend’s upcoming social events and looks forward to having a say on who does and doesn’t enter the party (and by extension, who she and her BRA sisters will take responsibility for).

One fraternity member, speaking on the condition of anonymity, opposed this turn of events.

“It is honestly stupid for girls on campus to think that they can control where parties are hosted as well as what goes on inside them. They are not capable of handling the responsibility that it takes to run a smooth-but-fun party where nothing ever goes wrong. I bet it’ll get totally out of hand and all of the girls will come crawling back to us next weekend,” he said.

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