Fraternity men start #AskHimMore movement

A new movement to #AskHimMore has surfaced on campus after University men began complaining that they are bombarded with questions regarding which Greek organization they belong to, rather than whether they belong to one at all.

99.9 percent of University males are involved in Greek life and because of this, others automatically assume that the males they are talking to aren’t part of the 0.1 percent of non-Greek men. University men apparently wish to be defined by more than what their organization is known for and the movement hopes to raise awareness for the individuality of these men.

“It really hurts that women on this campus only care about what organization I’m a part of–they don’t even care who I am as a person,” Mu Epsilon Nu member Tommy Trax ’17 said. “I am more than my letters and they can’t even see that. Sometimes I don’t even think they want to see it.”

The movement also hopes to affect the rampant gossip about young men.

“It happens when they talk about us too,” Sigma Tau Delta member Chris CornerHouse ’18 said.

“I heard some girls in the Bison the other day talking about STDs and saying how gross they were. It’s just like, yeah some of our members are gross but we aren’t all the same. I’m not that gross!”

Although the original source of the movement is unknown, a petition is circulating on to #AskHimMore. It currently has 69,000 signatures and counting.

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