Solidarity ‘March’ loses out to March Madness

Stephanie Garboski, Contributing Writer

As part of the Solidarity March on Oct. 4., students proceeded from Malesardi Quad to Hufnagle Park, where other students and community members made speeches and gave performances. Many reported a sense of oneness among the student body and faculty in attendance.

I interviewed student leaders, Anthony Giant ’18 and Melissa Walmart ’19.

Do you believe that the march’s performances brought the student population closer together?

Walmart: Yeah, yeah they were good.
Giant: Everyone was united for two hours, or whatever.

Do you believe the campus will benefit from these events that promote unity and solidarity among marginalized groups on campus?

W: Well …


W: Nothing it’s just … [whispered] should we tell her?
G: [whispered back] It’s not like anyone will read her article.
W: It’s not that the campus won’t benefit …
G: We had a better idea for the march but the University wouldn’t support it.

What was the idea?

W: We had planned to change the annual Solidarity March to an annual Solidarity “March.” Like, the entire month of March dedicated to solidarity on campus.
G: It was going to be beautiful.
W: We filled out all of the correct paperwork, planned events for the month, hired guest performers, and…


W: Everything fell through.
G: I received a letter in my mailbox that had been sent in May, but since I don’t check my mailbox I only saw it last week. The request was denied. Apparently the month of March is already dedicated on campus to basketball.
W: March madness, this is madness!

So you don’t believe the Solidarity March was a success?

W: No, we think it was a success, it’s just that it could have been better.
M: Like a whole month better.

*I contacted the University Office of Monthly Planning to comment on this but have not yet received any response.

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