How to network at a career fair

Hannah Paton, Contributing Writer

1.     Wake up (hopefully) before the career fair starts

2.     Put on your best slightly-ill-fitting pantsuit

3.     Print out resumé on specific resumé paper from CDC

4.     Spend 15 minutes trying to discern the difference between CDC resumé paper and regular printer paper

5.     Give up and just print resumé on whatever paper is available

6.     Google “how to network”

7.     Read all of the wikiHow tips (with pictures)

8.     Take wiki-tips to heart and contemplate step 4 deeply to really learn the “art of chit-chat”

9.     Feel palms starting to sweat

10.   Get even sweatier worrying about shaking hands with sweaty palms

11.   Question why you want to work for this company, what youre doing with your life, why you are attending this career fair

12.   Have a full-blown existential crisis

13.   Skip career fair

14.   Justify decision by repeating that “these things don’t really matter anyway”

15.   E-mail your cousin’s best friend’s brother’s roommate from college who has a friend at the company you want to work at expressing your interest in the corporation

16.  Sit back and relax knowing that you have successfully networked in the 21st century

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