Students sign downtown lease, try to forget about the previous tenants

Courtney Wren, Satire Editor

The University released the highly anticipated downtown housing lottery numbers on Oct. 17. Immediately after, rising seniors battled for houses on the coveted 6th, 7th, St. Catherine, and Market Street, not caring which house they signed, as long as they signed a house.

While many of the best leases were signed within the first hour of numbers being released, Felicia Flyson ’18 and her two roommates were left struggling to find viable options within their prime location.

Resolving that they would prefer a lease on St. Catherine Street over any other option, they signed a lease at a renowned Sigma Tau Delta (STD) downtown house, where boys had lived for the past four years.

“I really am just not going to think about all of the things I’ve seen happen at the house. Instead, I’ll try to focus on the future—all the memories I’m going to make,” Flyson said.

“I know a ton of DFMO’s [Dance Floor Make Outs] happened in the living room, and I actually saw a boy pee on the floor one time, but we really wanted to live on St. Catherine, so we just figured the costs were worth the benefits,” her roommate Kelly Kress ’18 said.

This is a developing story—the house may be taken off the University-approved list of houses pending a walk-through and home inspection.

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