Students launch petition to remove ‘trump’ from vernacular

Madeline Diamond, Senior Editor

After witnessing the success of an unnamed social organization’s GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a glorified mess of two-by-fours during Homecoming Weekend, another group of University students began a petition on to remove the word “trump” from the American public’s everyday vocabulary.

Initially aimed at University students, word of the petition quickly spread and has gained more than 100,000 signatures from disillusioned voters across the country.

“It’s more than just simply a word that means ‘to outrank.’ The word represents everything we need to move away from in this country,” Dee Mocrat ’17 said.

The group who created the petition is advertising its campaign by handing out thesauruses on campus. This way, students can eliminate the word “trump” and expand their vocabularies in the process.

“Surpass, outweigh, beat, eclipse, overstep—these are all words to replace trump. Plus, it’s what Hillary is going to do to her opponent this Election Day,” Mocrat said.

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