Laptop stickers send University student into existential crisis


Amanda Relick, Staff Writer

Rachel Mod-Thirty ’19 felt her identity slipping away earlier this week as she scrolled through pages of laptop stickers on, combing the Internet for quirky stickers to plaster over her Macbook Pro. Spending hours looking for the perfect stickers to reflect her unique identity, Mod-Thirty lost her mind.

“It was just so hard, you know? Like your stickers are the first things people see when you’re working in the library. They define you,” Mod-Thirty said.

When we asked Mod-Thirty to describe herself, she explained it to us in terms of the laptop stickers she finally settled on:

  1. Good vibes only: “Because that’s the way I live my life! I’d say I’m a pretty positive person.”
  2. ‘Feminist’ inside a heart and flowers: “It was hard to find a cool feminism sticker, because I’m a feminist, but I’m like a cool feminist you know? Not like one of those scary man-hating ones.”
  3. Beyoncé “slay”: “I try to live my life like Beyoncé. She is my everything.”
  4. You*re:  “I guess you could say I’m kinda a grammar nerd. What can I say? I’m an English major!”
  5. Bucknell University: “Well, I just had to have this one. Gotta represent the Buck!”

When asked whether she thinks her identity will change, Mod-Thirty responded that it simply can’t, because she can’t fit any more stickers on her laptop.

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