University student purchases first pair of winter boots after experiencing PA climate

Courtney Wren, Satire Editor

Breaking: University student Bea Breakiron ’20, who hails from Manhattan Beach, Calif., claims the weather has finally forced her to purchase a pair of rain boots.

“I was trying to see how long I could go wearing just my Birkenstocks. I made it pretty far, I’d say. I mean, it’s November—it gets so cold here in the mornings. It’s not like this at home,” Breakiron said.

Breakiron lamented that she’s never even owned an umbrella before, although the current fall weather in Pennsylvania has been the impetus for her wardrobe update.

“I finally understand why so many people from California never leave the state,” she said.

Breakiron’s roommate, Charlotte Coleman ’20 expressed her opinions about Breakiron’s footwear.

“It was weird that she didn’t own any closed toed shoes before coming here. California must be a weird place,” Coleman said.

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