University to replace Rooke Chapel bells with S’well water bottles

Madeline Diamond, Senior Editor

After beginning construction on Rooke Chapel’s steeple, the University has decided to replace the building’s historic bells with empty S’well water bottles in an act of modernization.

“Have you ever been in the library when a student knocks over one of those water bottles? The sound reverberates through the whole building; it’s kind of beautiful,” Charles Chime said.

The sudden popularity of S’well water bottles, along with their sonorous properties, compelled Chime to think about his ongoing Rooke Chapel renovation project.

“I said to myself, what if we take these noisy beverage containers, put them up in the tower, and see how they sound? Imagine that, the alma mater playing from those little guys every day at 5:30 p.m.,” Chime said.

After careful consideration, facilities has decided that the water bottles would, in fact, replace Rooke Chapel’s traditional bells. They are currently seeking students who are eager to leave their mark on the University by donating their water bottles to the cause.

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