Lack of holiday drinks at the library café causes students to question whether it’s actually fall


Olivia Lawlor, Staff Writer

Although the semester is nearly over, students who frequent Bertrand Library have reported that they have completely forgotten about the existence of the fall season due to the lack of holiday drinks, such as the Starbucks classic Salted Caramel Apple Gingerbread Pumpkin Latte (SCAGPL) with eggnog whipped cream in the Library Café.

One of the most common complaints voiced by students is the quality of the coffee served at the Library Café. While the University boasts of having Starbucks coffee on campus, the self-dispensing coffee jugs bear few similarities to fresh cups of Starbucks coffee.

“When I fill my coffee cup at the coffee dispensers, I feel like a poorly trained barista. I can’t possibly be trusted to dispense my own coffee,” Kelly Klarc ’18 said.

While Starbucks serves seasonal classics, such as the SCAGPL, the Library Café does not.

“I just love Pumpkin Spice lattes. I can’t think straight without a venti SCAGPL at my desk. If the library had seasonal drinks, I would study significantly more effectively, plus, I would actually be able to tell what season it is,” Sarah Swartz ’20 said.

No plans have been made to add the SCAGPL to the Library Café’s menu at this time. This is a developing story.

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