#RoachesHaveRights campaign divides Trax Hall

Alexis Brito, Contributing Writer

The discovery of two cockroaches in Trax Hall has outraged residents causing some to go as far as to contact private exterminators.

“My father was not happy when he found out I was living in a cockroach infested building. He hired a private exterminator—a specialist, if you will—to come kill the pests and help talk me through my traumatic experience,” Trax resident Sally Sensitive ’19 said.

Some students, on the other hand, have used this experience to bring attention to our anthropocentric mentality. They’ve even turned to social media to help make a difference by urging others to join them in their cause.

“Cockroaches are just another species in our environment. They do no harm and are just trying to co-exist with us. Someone must stand up for them. If not us, then who? #RoachesHaveRights,” slacktivist Lizzy Lazy ’18 wrote on various social media platforms.

The Trax community continues to clash over the right way to approach this issue. Meanwhile, residents have begun placing towels under their doors to prevent further infestation while others have plastered posters of support for roaches over their door decorations.

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