Small houses assigned for 2011-2012

By Meghan Finlayson

Staff Writer

Three out of the four houses in the Small Houses Program at the University were assigned programs for the 2011-2012 academic year last week. Edwards House will feature a Politics and Policies program, Galloway House will feature gender-neutral housing, and Hulley House will feature a theater program. The Small Houses Program gives groups of students who share a common interest the opportunity to live together.

“Learning communities offer a whole new dimension to the residential experience. Why stop talking about important issues when you leave the classroom or limit your rehearsals to spaces in Tustin or the music building?” said Grant Hoover, Assistant Director of Residential Education for Diverse Communities.

According to Hoover, a committee consisting of students and University staff reviewed applications from eight interested groups.

“The committee made decisions based on the quality and strength of each application, the commitment and organization of the House members, and the needs of the University community that are served by the proposed program. We wanted a variety of groups and passions represented,” Hoover said.

The Politics and Policies program will center on political debate and aim to increase political conversation at the University. It will be led by Haley Thomas ’14 and Alex Meijer ’14 and advised by John Doces, Assistant Professor in Political Science.

“Politics will be discussed nearly every day due to the makeup of the house. We have two house leaders of different political parties. Whereas most political groups rally around what the members all have in common, our house brings different perspectives to the table,” Thomas said.

Galloway House will seek to build LGBT community on campus and provide students with a comfortable and accepting place to live.

“The Small Houses Program has given the community a house where all students can feel safe and free to be who they are and whichever gender they associate with, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Being that the house is LGBT-friendly, it will be the ultimate ‘safe space’ on campus,” said House leader Sarah Thibault ’12 said.

The house will also be referred to as “Fran’s House,” in honor of the late Fran McDaniel, former director of the University’s Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Awareness. Chipper Dean, assistant professor of psychology, and Melissa Rycroft, manager of Technology Training Programs in Library and IT, will advise the House.

Hulley House’s theater program will seek to further incorporate the arts and theater into the University and Lewisburg. It will also be referred to as the “Cap and Dagger” House. The House leader is Christina Cody ’12 and the adviser is Anjalee Deshpande Hutchinson, assistant professor of theatre and dance.

“I am very pleased with the programs we have in place and excited to see the Small Houses transform into an exciting part of our campus life,” Hoover said.

Applications for the fourth house at 23 University Avenue are still being reviewed.

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