English major secures coveted finance job, School of Management students revolt

Courtney Wren, Satire Editor

University students in the School of Management began protesting outside of the Career Development Center to show their dissatisfaction after learning that Elise Graham ’17, an English major, recently secured a job at IBS, a prestigious accounting firm.

Those students, mainly accounting majors, believe that they deserve the job and have taken to protesting to make their unhappiness known.

“We’re going to protest until something happens,” Sam Sojka ’17, an Accounting and Financial Management major and friend of Graham said.

“I don’t really know what happened—I totally applied on a whim,” Graham said. “I told them I’d never actually taken a finance class and they said they liked my fresh perspective — whatever that means.”

When asked how his friendship with Graham is faring, Sojka could barely smile.

“I mean, I’m glad Elise got a job and everything but I mean… that was kind of my job. She hasn’t even taken any of the classes,” Sojka said.

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