Lil Wayne Googles the University, promptly cancels performance

Madeline Diamond, Senior Editor

After The Bucknellian’s announcement on Jan. 27 that rapper Lil Wayne will perform at the University’s spring concert, students across campus rejoiced.

“Weezy is lit, man. I can’t wait for the concert,” Parker von Williamsworth III ’17 said.

The four-time Grammy award-winning artist was selected to perform by the University’s student-run Musical Mergers and Acquisitions Group using the student body’s input.

“Lollipop was, like, my anthem in seventh grade,” Molly Halliburton ’18 said.

The Bucknellian has received reports that Lil Wayne was less than thrilled by the results of his Google search of the University and has subsequently cancelled his performance. The search engine produced several questionable results about the University, including the existence of both a quinoa and smoothie bar in the dining facility.

“We tried to tell students that it would make them seem a bit pretentious, but they insisted,” Dining Coordinator Jim Paleo said. “I had a feeling that this would come back to bite us.”

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