Instagram app crashes after overflow of “cash me outside how bow dah” captions, sourced to University’s campus

Lane Mayher, Contributing Writer

A recent crash of the Instagram app has students all over campus spiraling into a deep sense of unease. The inability to post photos of the Malesardi Quad, Super Saturday photos, and date party pictures has University students questioning their social media worth.

Instagram headquarters has traced the cause of the crash to Lewisburg, Pa., and more specifically, to the University. A representative from the app said that crash occurred due to the excess number of photos posted with the caption, ​“cash me outside how bow dah.”

“We tend to get worried every time one of these memes goes viral. When all these young people post the same thing, our servers go nuts. This situation at the University is proof of that,” one Instagram representative said.

One of Dr. Phil’s most famous guests, the “Cash Me Outside Girl,” coined the instantly-famous phrase “cash me outside how bow dah” during her appearance on his show. A new study shows this quote has inspired over 80 percent of Instagram users to use this phrase for their own social media benefit.

Some highlights on campus have been a snowy picture of the quad captioned “cash me inside, how bow dah,” a photo of students on TKE’s lifeguard chair captioned “cash us at super, how bow dah,” and a group of male first-years outside SPE Studio 54 with the classic “cash me outside, how bow dah.”

Instagram appears to be functioning normally now that one of this month’s most famous quotes has become unfunny.

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