University student graduates, realizes no one cares what fraternity he was in


Emma Sheehy, Contributing Writer

After graduating from the University a semester early in December 2016, Spencer Barclays ’16 crawled out of bed in his New York City apartment Feb. 18 and immediately put on his favorite hockey jersey over his Sigma Omega Sigma Winter Crush Party sweatshirt.

“It was weird, I went to the kitchen to get my roommates and everyone was eating breakfast, getting ready to do things for the day and there was still two cases of beer in the fridge,” Barclays said. “When I asked them when we were going to start drinking, they reminded me that it was 10 a.m. I mean, I know what time it is.”

Barclays has struggled with the fact that no one knew the reputation of his fraternity at the University, only getting the response of “that’s cool” and a change of topic when bringing it up at happy hour with his co-workers.

Later that evening, Barclays commiserated with fellow early graduate of the University, Steph Deloitte ’16.

“I just realized how little clothing I have that doesn’t have my letters on it,” Deloitte said. “Unfortunately stitched letter shirts don’t fly in the financial world.”

Facing the real world after graduation means having to go about social interaction outside the University bubble for both Barclays and Deloitte.

“Whenever I meet someone, I can’t just ask what Greek organization they were in, see our mutual friends on Facebook, or check myBucknell to piece their life together. I have to actually talk to them. It’s gonna be a rough adjustment,” Barclays said.

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