First-years desperately shmooze older students as recruitment approaches


Maggie Carlson, Staff Writer

With Fraternity and Sorority 101 sessions scheduled to begin soon, the start of informal recruitment has arrived and with it, first-years have begun to “completely and totally lose it,” according to Head Director-General of Greek Cohesion and Facilitation Smith McDonnell. The pressure to connect with upperclass students has begun, and for first-year women who are planning to join a Greek organization, the all-consuming process has begun.

This past week, after the announcement of the start of Sorority 101 sessions, Eileen Elaine-Langone-Center ’20 agreed that the stress of rush has become a major part of her daily life. She has begun to worry about her lack of older friends.

“That email really made me panic because I realized I didn’t know any upperclassmen. All of my friends made an Excel spreadsheet the other night of all of the older girls they’d ever met and some fun facts about them, but I didn’t have anything to contribute. I felt like such a loser,” Elaine-Langone-Center said.

In an attempt to find someone to add to the spreadsheet, Elaine-Langone-Center purposefully sat next to a girl in her international politics class who always wore her sorority letters and offered to be her partner on a project.

“I’m really happy she said yes because her sorority is definitely my top choice. I essentially got a bid because I told her I would just do the whole project. I even starred her name when I put it in the spreadsheet to show my friends I had a real ‘in,’” Elaine-Langone-Center said.

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