Breaking: Student goes to Super Saturday, doesn’t post photo


Emma Sheehy, Contributing Writer

Downtown Lewisburg on a warm spring day tends to be a time of carefree fun for University students. For Stacy Hunt ’17, however, the day turned bleak as a lost phone turned into an experience of lost identity.

Hunt claims that she dropped her phone somewhere between Larison Hall and South 6th Street, although after gathering a search party, her iPhone 6 with a cracked screen was nowhere to be found.

“The whole time, I tried to enjoy myself, but it was weirdly impossible to hold my drink without my phone in the same hand,” Hunt said.

Once she was home, things were just as difficult as she attempted to catch up on social media and was forced to use her computer to scroll through the usual layout of green jackets, reflective Ray-Bans, and captions about how much her friends love pizza.

Hunt’s friends were initially concerned about her whereabouts and well-being since she hadn’t posted a Snapchat or Instagram in hours.

“At first, we were all trying to reach her and got really worried. To be honest though, I was okay with having a day without a stream of dog filtered Snapchats,” Harris Smith ’18 said.

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