Newly politically engaged student only describes beliefs in ‘Hamilton’ lyrics


Madeline Diamond, Senior Editor

Christina Adams ’19, a newly registered voter as of the 2016 presidential election, never considered herself to be that political. However, after recently seeing “Hamilton” on Broadway, she experienced an awakening.

“You want a revolution? I want a revelation, so listen to my declaration!” Adams said when asked about the Trump presidency.

Adams’ friends expressed their annoyance with her newfound political passion.

“We’re glad she finally started caring about what’s going on in our country, but her arguments never make that much sense. It also doesn’t help that she either sings or raps most of her opinions,” Matt Washington ’19 said.

“She wouldn’t stop talking about how the Picasso Room in the library was ‘her spot’ because she needed to be ‘in the room where it happens.’ Nothing happens in there—she just listens to Spotify and plays Sporcle!” Washington said.

Most recently, in conversation with her friends in Bertrand Library on March 1, Adams was seen expressing her opinion on President Donald Trump’s address to Congress on Feb. 28.

“Are we a nation of states? What’s the state of our nation?” Adams said. Washington and several other students were seen rolling their eyes and deleting the “Hamilton” soundtrack from their Spotify playlists.

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