Student parks in 15-minute parking indefinitely because rules don’t apply to them

Courtney Wren, Satire Editor

Following the discovery of a ticket on her car parked in 15-minute parking, Lauren Lowry-House ’17 told reporters on March 7 that she was surprised she got a ticket because she genuinely thought the rules didn’t apply to her.

“I had to park there—it was 10:57 and I didn’t see any spots in Smith so I figured I could just park in the temporary spots. I know you’re not really supposed to but I didn’t really think anyone was going to notice,” Lowry-House said. She explained that pretty much everyone parks in the 15-minute parking spots for days at a time with no regard for the rules at all.

“If they don’t want us to park there, they should take away the option for us to pay the tickets with B-Bill. That goes to my parents so it doesn’t even matter,” Lowry-House said.

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