The List: High maintenance Starbucks orders


Madeline Diamond & Courtney Wren, Senior Editor & Satire Editor

  1. A black coffee with light ice

  2. Medium iced coffee with skim milk

  3. Skinny sugar-free vanilla latte

  4. Skinny sugar-free caramel swirl iced coffee with two Splenda

  5. An iced chai with soy milk and light ice

  6. A coldbrew with almond milk

  7. Venti skinny peppermint mocha (extra hot liquid but extra cold foam)

  8. Venti half-caf soy double shot latte

  9. Grande pink drink, extra Instagrammable

  10. Medium mochaccino with pumpkin seeds (NOT spice)

  11. Venti half-caf soy double shot latte with a side of self-importance

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