Student with unpaid internship realizes that some internships are actually paid


Maggie Carlson, Staff Writer

Kevin Kress ’18, a junior majoring in philosophy and art history, was sent into a panic after his recent meeting at the Career Development Center (CDC). Kress, who spent his past two summers interning at non-profits and museums, had always assumed that all internships were unpaid and everyone’s parents subsidized an NYC apartment.

“The job market is so competitive nowadays, I always thought that I had to work for free in order to gain access to the slim possibility of receiving a job offer at the end,” Kress said.

After talking to his friends who are accounting and finance majors and economics majors, who broke the news that paid internships do, in fact, exist, he immediately ran to make an appointment with the CDC. The University resource gently confirmed that the rumors were true; they do exist, somewhere … just likely not for him.

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