Correct pronunciation of Amami sparks heated debate on campus


Madeline Diamond, Senior Editor

DOWNTOWN LEWISBURG—Amami Kitchen & Espresso Bar, a popular spot among University students, has been the reason for a recent division of students on campus.

Debate over whether the café is pronounced “ama-me” or “ah-mommy” has taken campus by storm.

Matt Valdez ’19, a member of camp “ama-me,” defended his pronunciation last weekend during his fraternity’s chapter meeting.

“It’s simple. When I call in my usual takeout order of a breakfast wrap with bacon every Thursday morning, they say ‘ama-me’ when they answer the phone. End of story,” Valdez said.

Helen Vorhees ’18, who identifies as team “ah-mommy,” was seen arguing for her pronunciation in the Bison on Tuesday afternoon.

“I studied abroad last semester in Florence, so I know,” Vorhees said. “I do as the Italians do. It’s ‘ah-mommy.’”

Despite the recent debate, Amami has remained the number-one student pick for weekend brunch according to recent polls.

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