University seniors find love with one month left


Mariele Saunders-Shultz, Contributing Writer

With the last couple weeks of senior year flying by, seniors Jack Greensburg ’17 and Molly Parkoset ’17 decided that it was the perfect time to embark on a new relationship.

When asked about how their budding relationship began Greensburg said, “we made out a couple times at the bar, and she was kinda cool so I figured why not just give it a go.”

Though the two had both attended the University together for four years, they had never spoken to one another until a just a couple months ago. Both claimed they were “busy” with “other stuff.”

This is both Geensburg and Parkocet’s first real relationship and they seem committed to making it work despite the fact that they will be in two separate cities come fall. When asked to comment about how they plan to deal with a long distance relationship, both neglected to respond.

Parkocet, however, did suggest that she was still trying to figure out how to go through graduation without having to meet his parents.

Look out for these two on Bucknell in Love stories in the next couple of years.

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