First years have great time at Open Suites, know they’ll sail right through recruitment


Courtney Wren, Satire Editor

Following the Panhellenic Council’s Open Suites event, many of the first-year participants were eager to tell reporters their thoughts on how their behavior at the event will impact their recruitment experience in the fall.

When asked about her experience during Open Suites, Molly Marts ’20 told reporters that she had a great time and that she’s excited for real recruitment in the fall because she knows that she’ll probably just sail right through.

“I just had such a great time talking to all of the girls, and I didn’t have a single bad conversation—they all seemed so interested as to what I’m doing this summer and where I live on campus,” Marts said.

“I didn’t get tired of talking at all; everyone said it was so exhausting and boring but I really think I made a lot of new friends at the event! I’m sure they’ll remember me in the fall,” Vanessa Vaughan Lit ’20 said.

This is a developing story—check back in a few months to see if these PNMs really did sail through.

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