Sequel to hit outbreak movie, ‘Contagion,’ to film at the University


Jon Meier, Staff Writer

Carol Sheffield ’87 visited campus on April 21 to speak on a panel about working in the film industry. While she expected to impart wisdom to aspiring students, she also left Lewisburg, Pa. with something she could bring back with her to Hollywood.

During the panel, she realized the University’s student body could provide the perfect background audio for Warner Bros. Studio’s next film, “Contagion 2: MONO-poly.”

“The experience was surreal,” Sheffield said, donning a disposable medical mask. “Every time I closed my eyes, it was like I was inside of a quarantine unit. The wetness of the coughs, the intermittent sniffles, the despondent groaning of illness ravaging the body, the sounds of Bucknell are the sounds of a pandemic.”

Sheffield left for Los Angeles after briefly speaking with The Bucknellian. She claimed she needed to begin plans for rearranging the shooting schedule, but there was a subdued fear in her eyes as she saw a group of sniffling film studies majors approaching her to talk more in-depth about her work.

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