Lewisburg restaurant implements new ‘ratio’ policy, ask students who they know there

Rose Gendelman, Contributing Writer

A recent decision by local favorite The Town Run has the whole campus buzzing. On Sept. 6, the restaurant and bar introduced a new ratio policy required for admittance. Thus far, it is not clear precisely what exact ratio is required to gain entry, although The Bucknellian reports that a ratio is required.

“We can’t just let anyone in. If you don’t know enough of the staff or people inside, you will be waiting outside all night,” owner Chris P. Bacon said. “You can try to cozy up to the people at the door, but at the end of the night: no shirt, no ratio, no service.”

In a recent phone interview, one student described the unsatisfactory situation.

“I literally know three workers there and I didn’t get in,” the student, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said.

“I even have employees’ numbers, he continued. “But, when I texted them, they left me on read receipts,” he said.

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