Top 10 special skills to pad your resume

Rose Gendelman, Contributing Writer

As college students, we can all use a little boost when it comes to standing out in a crowd of potential job applicants. Luckily for you, The Bucknellian came up with 10 special skills to include on your resume, which will ensure the employers of your dream company to notice you, for better or worse.

1. Studying Abroad

It is very unique to study abroad. You gain experiences and skills that many college students do not have. You learn how to take countless candid photos, without seeming like you noticed said picture was being taken. You learn how to update your Facebook status to tell the world you’re going abroad and how to reach you at your international phone number. Most importantly, you go to a brand new country with its own unique culture and way of life. All of these qualities showcase your inherent uniqueness as a college graduate and soon-to-be employee!

2. Belly Dancing

If this doesn’t scream “Hire me!”, then I don’t know what does. If you’re in the market to spice up your resume, your best bet is to sign up for your local belly dancing class. It shows that you are a versatile, flexible, and saucy person who works hard but also has a good time! Pictures of you in the outfit are always a plus.

3. Pig Latin

Any company can benefit from bilingual employees. Pig Latin is truly an up-and-coming language, so brush up on your skills and throw that near the top of your resume! The complexity of the language will exhibit work ethic and dedication to difficult endeavors. If you receive a phone interview, consider beginning the conversation in Pig Latin to impress.

4. Computer Sticker Buyer

“To be successful is to have amazing computer stickers. – Franklin D. Roosevelt” -said on a Franklin D. Roosevelt computer sticker.

5. Pong Champion

If you want to be hired, you better be a good time. What better way to show you can work hard and play hard than by including your pong championship title on your resume! Your interviewer will immediately respect you and will most likely hire you on the spot. If they press you, go out and buy a fake trophy to corroborate your incredible story.

6. Xylophone Player

Employers will be impressed that you can spell xylophone, let alone play it. This is precisely the type of cutting edge skill corporations are looking for in all of their employees.

7. Driver

Any company will be blown away by an applicant with a driver’s license. As an extremely elite and selective honor, this will set you apart from many other interviewers, driving you to the front of the pack. Also, they’ll know you’ll be able to get to work, which is always a plus.

8. That Person Who Always Reminds the Teacher They Didn’t Assign Homework

It is a scientifically-proven fact that everyone absolutely adores this type of individual. How could you not? It takes an especially committed person to constantly remember to remind the teacher to assign homework. It shows that you have attention to detail and care about completing your work. This addition almost guarantees your future job.

9. Best Kisser

Want a way to stand out in a crowd of applicants? Bold, underline, and italicize this skill because it will knock the socks off of anyone who sees it. Many high-end companies have expressed in interviews that they are looking specifically for people with this specific skill-set, so practice every day!

10. Playlist Maker

In this day and age, your taste in music is essentially everything. Let the company know that you are a music snob, by adding an entire section on your resume devoted to your favorite self-made playlists. Perhaps even give them a sneak peek of what’s to come by serenading them over the phone! Never forget to be bold!

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