An obituary for frat shoes

Rose Gendelman, Contributing Writer

LEWISBURG WALMART — Black Shoes, $8, size 2.5,  passed away on Sept. 15. They served a long and honorable life drowned in beer, sweat, dirt, and other miscellaneous liquids. At one point, their sole was partially ripped off, yet they trekked on nonetheless, exhibiting that they were absolutely “too lit to quit.” They are survived by their owner, Sally Smith ’20.

“It was their time. They served their purpose and never failed to let me down,” Smith said. A service will be held for the shoes in the Elaine Langone Center on Sept. 24 from 5-7 p.m. The Smith home will be open following the service; those who cannot attend the funeral are encouraged to stop by and give their condolences to the Smith family.

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