Career fair 2017: Business casual casualties

Maggie Carlson, Contributing Writer

With the career fair upon us, the University has been abuzz with panic around post-grad offers and 10-week internships. Senior College of Management students, Courtney Wallstreet ’18 and Morgan Consulting ’18, sat back with their post-grad job offers and watched the rest of the school turn into utter hysteria as employers descended on the field house. As they watched the terrified seniors, nervous juniors, and over-eager-but-most-definitely-annoying sophomores march their way downhill, Moore Avenue turned into a scene one can only describe as America’s Next Top Model’s runway.

This year, there was an overwhelming presence of business casual. The infamous “frat casual” look made an appearance, because nothing says “hire me” like fraternity letters and a blazer paired with Nantucket red shorts and thong flip flops. Highlights also included neon blue tights paired with a navy skirt suit – just to give that pop to really stand out to employers and ensure they remember your highly-qualified resume. But first and foremost on the runway this year were re-purposed “going out shirts” paired with an oversized blazer and linen shorts. Who cares if you wore that backless halter top to the register on Friday? No one can tell if you toss on a blazer!

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