Management 101 company raided by IRS for potential tax evasion

Ella Ri, Contributing Writer

The main headquarters of Management 101’s Company E were raided early on the morning of Sept. 23 by federal law enforcement authorities over potential tax fraud. The officers were alerted last week by an anonymous source who was concerned about the business ethics of several company members.

“I don’t even go to the school and I keep getting those damn company product surveys,” an anonymous officer from the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department said.

Along with this anonymous tip, rumors spread rapidly that Company CEO Lee F. Trout ’19 looted his own company fund for personal gain and stole company sweatshirts for his mom, girlfriend, and fraternity brothers. Company E’s tax auditors grew suspicious when they received overstated deductions and business expenses that ranged from $5,500 for “late night fueling” to $8,000 for “developing client relations.” Authorities seized corporate documents and electronic information on Sept. 23, but found no evidence of the company’s tax avoidance strategies.

“For a small business, they really know how to cover their tracks,” a representative from Public Safety said. “Is that what they’re being taught these days?”

Trout declined to comment. However. the company’s Internal Accounting Department released a statement on Sept. 25 regarding the rampant allegations:

“We want to make it very clear that Company E is not cooking the books.  In fact, the only things we will cook are hot dogs and burgers during our Barbecue Fundraiser on Nov. 10 in front of the Roberts, Trax, and Kress Quad. Any and all donations are appreciated.”

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