Super Saturday temporarily relocated to New Jersey


Sam Rosenblatt, Opinions Co-Editor

A large group of students descended upon St. Catherine Street on the afternoon of Oct. 21 to find empty backyards, quiet porches, and a distinct silence in place of the Killers’ song “Mr. Brightside.” Upon further investigation, students discovered several posters taped to the doors of downtown houses, each of which said, “Super Saturday has been officially relocated to New Jersey due to The Hunt.”

The mass exodus of inebriated students out of Lewisburg, Pa. came as a shock to many, especially for the minority of University students hailing from outside of New Jersey.

“Everyone was posting Snapchat stories and it looked a lot like Super,” Morris Town ’21 said. “But I didn’t see them downtown on Saturday, so I knew something was up. That, and the horses.”

Along with applying all of their Super Saturday skills outside of the University, students also went to great lengths to tell the world about their journey. Town observed that everyone who attended The Hunt horse race over the weekend changed their profile picture almost immediately to prove that they had gone.

“The number of different angles of the horses and the track I saw on my Facebook feed was staggering,” Town said. “They gave ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ a whole new meaning.”

When students returned from The Hunt, those unfamiliar with the event were left perplexed by the logic of the attendees who seemed to know absolutely nothing about horse racing.

“Why would you buy tickets for a horse race if you’re not going to actually see the race itself?” Claire Summit-Livingston ‘20 said. “I guess it’s just a Jersey thing.”

To prevent the collapse of civilization in downtown Lewisburg, fraternity leaders were quick to confirm the return of Super Saturday for the upcoming weekend, much to the relief of non-Garden State residents. However, the impact of The Hunt has sparked efforts to educate the student body about the culture of suburban New Jersey. In order to better promote events such as The Hunt, the New Jersey Students Association (NJSA) will be holding a forum in Montclair-Westfield Hall on Oct. 31 at 7 p.m.

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