Pigs start movement for positive body image, Trump comes out in support


Rose Gendelman, Staff Writer

Our nation’s very first animal-led “body positive” movement was founded on Oct. 21. A group of ordinary farm pigs from Lewisburg, Pa. helped spark the initiative to promote respect and love for our bodies’ natural shapes and sizes. The campaign has caught the attention of humans and animals alike, starting a dialogue about self-appreciation for all species.

The movement’s leader, Hammy McBacon, had a very specific reasoning for starting the campaign.

“We’re sick and tired of being what humans define as disgusting,” McBacon said. “We all know the sayings: ‘Don’t eat like a pig.,’ ‘I don’t want to eat too much and look like a pig.,’ ‘This place is a pig stye.’ It’s incredibly demeaning.”

McBacon, overwhelmed with emotion, struggled to finish her statement as tears streamed down her face.

“I’ve always dreamed of being the pig that would make a change for the rest of us,” McBacon said. “Every young piglet should love the body it was born with. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are so much more than a side of bacon.”

As this movement spread across the country, it gained a substantial amount of media attention and traction, eventually reaching the president himself. President Donald Trump was so impressed and personally touched by the movement that he publicly commended the pigs for their efforts.

“As someone who has been attacked in the media for my orange skin and nightmare-inducing facial features, I, too, can relate to the struggles the pigs have gone through,” Trump said in a press conference. “In fact, I have been called a pig on many occasions, and I can tell you it doesn’t feel tremendous. Did you know I like that word? It’s a good word.”

The president has not only decided to fund the campaign himself, but has also fired his Chief of Staff, transferring this title to McBacon, who expressed an eagerness to serve her country. McBacon will begin her duties on Nov. 1.

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