Bison introduces new station that turns gourmet meals into smoothies

Faith Breen, Contributing Writer

An exciting and trendy new station is coming to the Bison Café. According to a proposal from University Dining Services, the establishment, “A Blend of Gourmet,” will provide students with options to build a decadent, multiple-course dinner which will then be watered down and blended into an easy meal, one that’s perfect for on the go.

“The options are limitless,” Mark Cado ’19 said. “Students can enjoy liquefied roast turkey and mashed potatoes in the middle of their afternoon class, or sip on a grilled flank steak with wild rice and asparagus while studying in the library, for a mere $15.50!”

Cado continued, “There’s even an option to add a shot of truffle oil for an extra $3.00 or caviar for $4.00.”

Samples of the smoothies have been distributed in the Elaine Langone Center since early October, receiving mostly positive feedback. Participants stated that the promise of a fast meal in the Bison is the main goal for the new station, taste being secondary.

“The smoothies really aren’t as bad as they sound,” Emerald Legas ’20 said.

Gio Fieri, the executive chef for “A Blend of Gourmet” is excited to bring his bizarre culinary vision to campus.

“Students have really been digging the smoothies so far,” Fieri said. “Honestly, no matter how tough the meat is, it’s going to be tender if you blend it up enough.”

Fieri emphasized his inspiration for the new station came from the need for a health-conscious but satisfying meal option. He hopes to eventually boast an extensive menu with some seasonal options to choose from.

“Smoothies are really hot right now in the food biz, and this is just a new fresh twist,” Fieri said.

Expect to see the station open on Nov. 8, with several customizable smoothie options.

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