The (nice) List: Ways to decorate your dorm for the holidays

Ella Ri, Contributing Writer


  1. Grow your own holly, and then haul it out.
  2. Obtain taxidermy Bucknell squirrels and dress them up in cute elf costumes.
  3. Steal holiday decorations from Bostwick when you think no one is looking.
  4. Invest in some stylish light-emitting diode [LED] candles — or real ones. Your RA doesn’t have to know.
  5. Buy some block letters from the local craft store and spell out an ambiguous, but festive, word or phrase on your windowsill, such as JOY, BLESS, or HELP.
  6. Cut snowflakes out of essays or tests you didn’t do well on. By taping them up on the wall of your room, you are reminding yourself that your failures don’t define you.
  7. Sprinkle fake snow on your carpet to give your room a wintery feel (every dining location comes with salt shakers).
  8. Collect some pine cones from around the campus and tuck them into random places, such as in-between unopened textbooks.
  9. Stuff fairy lights into empty wine bottles that are laying around your apartment.
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