Student body excited for igloo temporary housing

Bridget Beljan, Contributing Writer

Earlier this winter, the University invested in temporary housing igloos located in the Grove. Students have been eagerly awaiting the upcoming housing lottery to see if they will get the chance to live in the state-of-the-art facilities, which include eco-friendly refrigeration, adaptable window installments, and blue-tinted natural lighting. Housing slots will be released later this week at random.

“I really hope I get the chance to live there before the snow melts this semester,” Richard McGee, ’20 said. “Roberts is nice and all, but I live on the second floor and the elevator is a pain to wait for.”

The influx of mid-year transfer students combined with the cockroach infestation that has infiltrated a number of residence halls has upped the demand for housing this semester. The igloos are only built to last until the end of March, which should allow the university’s maintenance staff the time needed to properly handle the infestation.

“There’s been bugs everywhere in the halls. I can’t wait for the chance to live somewhere different, exciting, and so futuristic. I’ve heard there’s been a few water issues, but I’m so excited to be leading the charge,” Eileen Eskibar ’18, the Igloos’ first official Residential Advisor, said.

Designing, programming, and constructing these igloos has been no easy feat. Special freezing technology was used to help prevent melting and other damage to the sleek, Italian ice that was used to build the globes.

“My team and I were aware this wasn’t going to be easy, but we’re always up for a challenge,” Ike Cicle, construction director, said. “Using our latest technology, we were able to craft ig-dorms that offer both comfort and style. I think the students will like what they see.”

Igloos will be available starting next week as singles, doubles, and triples. Students who luck out in the lottery can pull their friends up with them, and those who do not may be paired with a random igloo-mate.  

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