Welcome to college: administration horrified when prospective students end up at a downtown party

Olivia Lawlor, Senior Writer

Local history was made on Feb. 18. During a routine campus tour, a group of curious prospective students strayed from the pack of wide-eyed high schoolers and inquisitive parents and wandered downtown. To the administration’s horror, the prospective students accidentally ended up at one of the parties locally known as a “super Saturday”. We investigated the event, and found the ringleader of the expedition, New Brunswick Academy senior, Chris Simmons. When we asked Simmons for an interview, he was eager to recount his experience.

“Well, it all started when a couple of us decided to ditch,” Simmons said, “I was hella bored. It was like my tenth college tour this year, and if I heard one more thing about a mailroom or Dining Dollars I was going to lose it. I found some other kids in the same boat, and we walked away from campus toward some loud music, hoping for a good time.”

“So, we ended up at this really run down house. There were these big guys outside, who checked out who I was with. A few seconds later, they said I had an ‘awesome ratio?’ I don’t know what they meant, but we got right in. We joined everyone else in the yard, and it was dope. I’ve never seen so many people in Hawaiian shirts and hockey jerseys. I knew I was completely underdressed, but I went with it.”

Another student who attended the party, The Dilton School senior Wendy Roberts, was also willing to give us an interview detailing her experience: “When Chris approached me about leaving the tour, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I have been on more tours than I can count. I could care less about a campus shuttle or a buffet style cafeteria. I’m just nervous to find out where I’ll get in, I’ll worry about amenities later” Roberts said.“It was so great to be at the party, because I got to see the students as opposed to hearing about something trivial like laundry dollars. I could totally see myself wearing aviators and dancing on a speaker. That makes a lot of sense to me,”

Though the University’s administration is upset by the incident, the high school students seem to have had nothing but positive experiences downtown. Time will tell whether or not these prospective students will become University students next year, but it is safe to say that they enjoyed some aspects of campus culture.

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