Student’s instagram post reminds campus she went abroad, in case anyone forgot

Ruby Gould, Print Managing Editor

Brittany Peppyaf ’18 recently informed her Instagram followers this Feb. 28 of her dire need to return to Barthelona, Spain, posting a photo with the caption: “Omg, take me back #humpdayfeels.” The picture, which displayed her skillfully placed finger atop that Gothic church designed by that famous architect, received a total of 459 likes, nearing the top end of Peppyaf’s Instagram likes history.

“I really just wanted to express in an original way how much I miss being abroad, without seeming overbearing,” she said. “It was Wednesday after all, people need a little inspiration on hump day.”

Peppyaf spent last fall in Barthelona after “falling in love with the super unique culture.” She followed up with another remark about her post, claiming, “I know Barthelona is a typical place to visit, but I actually lived there, I almost feel like it’s my city now.”

Peppyaf attended the study abroad office’s “Returnees Dinner,” claiming it really helped her adjust to “life after abroad.” She said to The Bucknellian, “You can take the girl out of Barthelona, but you can’t take the Barthelona (or the tapath and thangria) out of the girl! Ugh, I feel like sometimes no one understand me,”Peppyaf said. “There were other people who went to Barthelona at the dinner, but they were on different programs. We didn’t really connect.”

She recently informed The Bucknellian of her travel plans for this coming summer, stating, “I really want to explore Europe in a way that I didn’t when I was abroad in Ethpaña. I didn’t get the internship I wanted, so I think I’m going to spend the whole summer traveling instead.” Peppyaf said, “I was thinking of visiting the thermal baths in Budapest, to put a fresh twist on your typical Europe trip.”

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