University’s annual Harry Potter Weekend tradition a huge success

Faith Breen, Staff Writer

The University celebrated its annual Harry Potter Weekend (HPW) extravaganza this past weekend. In this show of appreciation for the literary works written by J.K. Rowling, students across campus spent the weekend honoring Harry, Ron, and Hermione in any way they could.

“HPW is a time for students to try to replicate the experiences of Hogwarts students. Our generation grew up with this book and deep down we all wish we could’ve gone to that school of wizardry,” Jack Hill ’19 said.

Whether that’s by drinking Natty Light at Townie T and pretending it’s butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, or dressing like a golden snitch for gold-themed fraternity parties, students found endless ways to channel their inner Hogwarts student.

“To be honest this weekend was so hype, it may as well have been the Goblet of Fire. We had the whole school downtown on Saturday competing in events just like the Tri-Wizard tournament, except instead of trying to wander through a scary magical maze, we were just trying to find our way home after super,” Peter B. Russell ’18 said.

Even the administration participated in the HPW festivities. Public Safety officers could be seen walking around downtown dressed up as dementors, though instead of draining happiness from their victims, the officers just asked students to pour out their beers.

“HPW was so fun! At super there was even a sorting hat! I was really hoping to get Slytherin but they just handed me a Natty Light and told me I was in Spliff-indor,” Minnie Ranger ’21 said.

HPW is an event that’s both exciting for the students and satisfying for the University to see their student body reminiscing on a favorite childhood series. It’s an event meant to unite the campus millennials through a shared love of wizardry and fun.

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