Students caught cheating by vaping smoke signals

Bridget Beljan, Staff Writer

Students Drake ’19* and Josh ’19* were caught cheating on their Ethics 100 exam this past week, and they had quite the innovative method for doing so. The students brought various types of vapes to class and alternated between them to communicate their answers to one another.

For example, on the multiple choice section, one JUUL rip followed by one Phix hit would indicate “Question 1, Letter A.”

“I smelled something both sweet and sickening, almost like creme bruleé. I looked up and saw both Drake* and Josh* vaping from either side of the room, as well as nodding and shaking their heads at one another,” Ethics Professor John Morales said.

“We were sitting in the back of the classroom, but on opposite sides, so we needed a way to help each other out. Our professor generally only walks around the room once or twice to monitor students, so I didn’t see how we could get caught,” Drake said.

“We had to fend for ourselves on the essay portion of the exam, so I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘cheating,’ as people have been. We were just creatively collaborating,” Josh said.

The students will appear before the Dean of Student Life and the Academic Board of Review April 13. Both their test grades and enrollment at the University will be in jeopardy if they are unable to explain how vaping actually benefits their academic experience.


*Names changed for confidentiality. Real names may or may not be Brad and Chad.

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