Op-Ed: Why I deserve the Pulitzer instead of Kendrick

Lil Pump, Guest Contributor (Not Really)

Esketitttttt! I’m so mad I didn’t win the Pulitzer. Kendrick is good and all, but look at everything I’m doing. I’m 17, yo! That’s mad disrespectful that they don’t see how I’m changing the game. People say Kendrick’s lyrics have depth? So do mine! GUCCI GANG, GUCCI GANG, GUCCI GANG, GUCCI GANG. I’m a lyrical genius man, esketit.

While I feel offended that I wasn’t even shortlisted, I must acknowledge the cultural significance of Kendrick becoming the first non-jazz or classical artist to win such a prestigious award. This is a watershed moment for music and is a sign of recognition from established institutions that rap holds the same lyrical and rhythmic complexity as other genres touted as “real” music. The ingenuity imbued into his album “DAMN.” is evident everywhere, from the first to the last track. Kendrick displays an innate ability to seamlessly explore various genres and combine the clashing tones into a roaring, symphonious anthem of cultural pride and sentiment.

I make more money per word thoooo. ESKETITTT. For real though, I’m changing the game. Who else is gonna bring a tiger into a Catholic school? I’m the voice of the next generation, man. Esskettit. I bought a Porsche, and I crashed the Porsche. But I don’t even care though because I was straight flexin’ for the ‘gram.

It is impressive though how Kendrick is able to achieve both critical and commercial acclaim while my music is universally disparaged by those uninvolved in the current rap trends. I would attribute this to our differences in age; the difference in the generations we grew up in. As a member of the internet generation, I’ve never known a time without computers. Access to information is something that we’ve taken for granted. Everything is old and nothing is new. As a result, our taste in music has evolved in reaction to this access. We crave what we don’t understand and my music is representative of a new type of rap that is strange, inexplicable and unexplored. In contrast to this, Kendrick’s music pays homage to the past via his extensive usage of samples while charging unapologetically into uncharted territory, utilizing polyrhythmic beat clusters and syncopation to an unparalleled degree. He has achieved a sound that reminds the old-heads about the good old days, an exciting sound for the young generation, and a lyrically rich and aurally compelling for critics to love.

ESKETIT. Vote me for president! Lil Pump 2020. Pulitzer 2018$$$$.

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